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Chicago Soffit and Fascia Company

If you’re in need of a soffit and fascia replacement or repairs, you’re in the right place. Since 2007, Horizon Restoration has been handling all types of gutter projects, including new gutter installations and soffits and fascia solutions, too.

Over the years, we have earned an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and the trust of thousands of homeowners. That said, you can count on us to provide quality care for your home that lasts. Read on to learn all about what our soffit and fascia installation experts can do for you.

Comprehensive Soffits and Fascia Care for Your Chicago Home

Both your soffit and fascia protect your roof system and act as a stable space for your gutters to be installed. Some common signs that these exterior features may need some work (or that you may need new soffits and fascia altogether) include rotting wood, leaks, peeling paint, or pest infestations. 

At Horizon Restoration, we can fix all these issues with our comprehensive services:

  • Soffit Services: The soffit is the finishing piece that is installed under the roof overhang to improve ventilation and give your home a more put-together look. Our team can handle any repairs to this area, including cleaning, general maintenance, and replacing old soffits.
  • Fascia Service: The fascia is the board that is installed along the side of the roof overhang, and it also gives your home a finished appearance. It works to support your roof shingles and helps to keep moisture out. If you’re experiencing any issues with your fascia, get in touch with our team right away.

Get in Touch with Our Local Gutter and Roofing Experts to Schedule a Free Consultation

When it comes to keeping your home exterior in good shape, Horizon Restoration is the team to call. With our gutter specialists on your side, you can enjoy comprehensive care for your gutter system. In addition to our soffits and fascia care, we can handle:

  • Gutter System Replacements
  • Gutter Guard Installations 

Call us to learn more about our extensive gutter services, or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with our team today.