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Roof Insurance Claims Process

Let's face it - the roofing insurance claims process is never fun, especially for the homeowner. It can be incredibly time-consuming to navigate the ordeal. From hiring contractors to assess your roof and scheduling a walk-through with your insurance claims specialist, getting maximum coverage can be a huge frustration. Horizon Restoration takes the stress out of the process. We're a comprehensive insurance roofing company in Chicago and can do thorough estimates and handle all the repairs. On top of that, we work directly with the insurance company so you don't have to. Our team has been rated A+ for our dedication to customer service and we have a proven roof insurance claims process that you can take advantage of.

Our Roof Damage Insurance Process

Many Chicago homeowners feel left in the dark when it comes to the insurance process. In many cases, insurance companies try to minimize claims and may even outright deny them. However, if you've experienced damage from weather events out of your control and you need roof repairs, you are absolutely entitled to a full claim. Horizon Restoration makes it easy for you and the insurance company. We have a well-established process that will get you the help you deserve. Here's our process:

  1. We start every claim with a free inspection. Our roofers will come out to your home and give you an accurate idea of how much damage you're dealing with.
  2. After that initial inspection, you schedule a walkthrough with your insurance company. Make sure one of our representatives is there so that nothing is missed.
  3. Then, your insurance company will get in contact with our team to develop a claim. We'll reach a verbal agreement that has your best interests in mind.
  4. Once that is finished, insurance claim money gets processed and you provide Horizon Restoration with a check to complete the repairs.
  5. We then complete all the needed repairs, leaving you with a structurally sound roof.
  6. Paperwork is then sent to the adjuster and the second payment is released.
  7. You then get to enjoy your newly repaired home!

Start Your Claim With Our Help Today

With the help of Horizon Restoration, your roofing damage doesn't have to be a big deal. Our organized process ensures that you get the most money from your insurance. We'll make sure that you get everything you deserve and can get back to enjoying your home in peace. Contact us today to get your claim started.