Ventilation, by definition, is the provision of fresh air to a room or building.  Roof ventilation allows airflow through your attic space and is extremely important for the integrity of your home.

Types of Roof Vents


Mechanical roof vents require a power source. They’re more common in commercial properties but are necessary wherever the design of the structure doesn’t allow airflow or in areas that do not have a lot of wind.


Natural roof vents are the preferred type of vent and use stack and wind effects to naturally circulate air. The stack effect occurs when hot air rises and creates high pressure at the high points of the structure. The wind effect occurs when wind blows against the outside of the roof, creating the intake of cool air and exhaust of hot air to aid in natural airflow through the attic. Some common types of natural ventilation systems are:

-Box vents
-Ridge vents
-Gable vents
-Wind turbines
-Soffit vents

Why is roof ventilation important?

Roof ventilation moves air through your attic, so it doesn’t just sit there, creating excess heat and moisture. But why does this matter? Signs of poor ventilation and the benefits of proper ventilation go hand in hand.

-Energy Costs: Overworked air conditioners, hot or cold areas of the home, and excessive cooling costs are all signs of poor roof ventilation. When the roof is properly vented, heat from the attic won’t spill into the rest of the home, overworking the air conditioner and costing you extra money.
-Mold and Mildew: Improperly vented roofs can lead to roof leaks and moisture buildup. Where there’s moisture, there’s often mold. Not only does this affect the integrity of the structure, it’s a health hazard. Properly ventilating your attic protects both your home and your health.
-Roof Damage: Poor ventilation can lead to icicles and ice dams in cold climates. This can cause damage to both the roof and the interior of the home from resulting water damages. This is another way that proper roof ventilation protects the integrity of your structure.

Having a properly ventilated attic space is necessary for the structural integrity of your roof and home as well as the safety of your family. There are many different types of roof vents available, and our roofing contractors will be happy to help you determine which best suits your needs.